Mobile Internet for the Multimedia Enterprise (MobIME) research initiative investigates technology - compression schemes, digital rights, network design; content - representation, adaptation, delivery schemes; service -2.5G, 3G, WWAN, WLAN convergence; platforms - Pocket PC, J2ME, BREW, Palm OS; hardware - multiple devices, screen sizes, memory, power; and software - architecture, frameworks, integration; for multimedia content delivery over wireless networks with particular focus on industry segments such as entertainment, gaming, design collaboration and field service. 

To support multimedia content delivery over multiple networks to multi-form factor devices needs a comprehensive treatment of the content, network and device constraints. The framework would have to be capable of delivering the same content in multiple ways, different speeds, allow interaction in different ways but always maintaining the session/application comprehension and context at all times, irrespective of the network, device, etc., in use. 

The research endeavor of this project would be on developing fundamentally new frameworks, algorithms, and data representation schemes; supporting multi-form factor devices, etc., complying with the constraints of the devices and the wireless networks like bandwidth, power, memory and computing capabilities.

Publication: "Middleware for Multimedia Mobile Collaborative System," SECOND BEST PAPER PRIZE in excellence for applied research, Presented at IEEE ComSoc sponsored, THIRD ANNUAL WIRELESS TELECOMMUNICATIONS SYMPOSIUM (WTS 2004), May 14-15, 2004, CalPoly Pomona, Pomona , California , USA

Publication: “Network Centric Mobile Digital Rights Management for Multimedia Content”, presented at CCNC2005 DRM Workshop, Las Vegas , NV , USA , January 6, 2005.

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Technique Reports


Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) based multi-level graphics representation for engineering rich-content exchange in mobile computing environment
-By Xiaoyong Su, B. S. Prabhu, Chi-Cheng Chu and Rajit Gadh

UCLA-WINMEC-2005-110 -CONTENT Hierarchy Multimedia Content Organization for Mobile Engineering Computing
-By Xiaoyong Su, B.S. Prabhu, Chi-Cheng Chu and Rajit Gadh
UCLA-WINMEC-2004-310 -Mobile-DRM A Simple Mobile DRM solution
- By Xiaoyong Su, B.S. Prabhu, Chi-Cheng Chu and Rajit Gadh
UCLA-WINMEC-2003-101 -MOBILE-GRAPHICS Mobile graphics on PDA: Introduction to SVG
- by Xiaoyong Su, B. S. Prabhu, Rajit Gadh
UCLA-WINMEC-2003-301 -MOBILE-MULTIMEDIA-MW Middleware for Multimedia Mobile Collaborative System
- by Xiaoyong Su, B. S. Prabhu, Chi-Cheng Chu, Rajit Gadh
UCLA-WINMEC-2003-303 -MOBILE-MULTIMEDIA-ENTERPRISE Mobile Internet for the Multimedia Enterprise
- by Xiaoyong Su, B. S. Prabhu and Rajit Gadh