Wireless technologies are rapidly transitioning from being communication-centric networks to data-centric networks, with rapid advances in the development of the Wireless Internet. However, the wireless internet, unlike the wired internet is plagued by challenges that include limited capability of client devices, medium access capabilities, cost of spectrum, multitude of protocols when standards are not present, competing solutions, etc. Several of these challenges form the basis of Dr. Rajit Gadh's research in the Wireless Media Lab.  
  WinRFID Middleware Allows networkability, edge-of-network filtration, aggregation, scalability, upgradability to new new protocols and standards, data sharing and collaboration in RFID enterprise applications

ReWINS - A reconfigurable and smart interface that links sensor-actuator systems to multiple wireless interfaces including WiFi, Bluetooth, RFID and Zigbee

  Architecture and methods for delivery of wireless multimedia content to thin-client mobile devices.