WINMEC 2006 Convergence+ : Mobile Entertainment Media

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WINMEC 2008 Web 2.0 on Mobile : Convergence in Advertisement, Media Content and Enterprise Services

UCLA-WINMEC is developing thought leadership in this newly emerging and rapidly changing field by the creation of a focused activity around Entertainment and Media industry (movies, television, news, sports and gaming). The thought leadership would potentially translate into creating and verifying business approaches and technologies for this industry and subsequently assisting standardization of such business processes and technologies. The WINMEC forum on Mobile Entertainment Media will address these challenges in March 2005.


The new Medium of distribution – using wireless internet as the medium - with personalized and mobile devices such as cell phones as the receiving entity – brings a new way of distributing entertainment and media content. New activities -- such as playing along virtually within a live football game on a cell phone, or viewing an entire movie on it – will result in new habits, new social behaviors, new multi-media products, new methods of payment, new digital rights management responsibilities and technologies, etc. A new industry for distribution of Multimedia content over personalized mobile devices connected wirelessly to the internet and to other peer mobile devices is creating opportunities while bringing tremendous challenge to the status quo. As content distribution becomes easier, control of content becomes critical to content owners so as to be able to monetize the content. However ease of use by consumers continues to be a driving factor in the growth of such business opportunities. New business models and accompanying technologies will emerge to satisfy this new medium of distribution. On March 8, 2005, practicing experts from Hollywood’s Entertainment and Media industry will come together to shed light on how their industry could change as a result of Mobile/Wireless proliferation.


Current Speakers

Surendra Arora Global Manager - Mobile Service Solutions Intel Corporation
Gunjan Bagla Advisor Amritt Ventures
John Batter VP and GM Electronic Arts Mobile
Rand Bleimeister CEO OnAir Entertainment
Douglass Britt V.P. Operations & Business Development American Greetings Corp.
Eric Buatois Managing Director Sofinnova Ventures
Joseph Busch Executive Director MGM Domestic Television Sales
Steve Canepa VP, Global Media & Entertainment Industry IBM
Kathleen Dunleavy Manager Sprint
Matt Edelman SVP of Publishing Mforma
Trip Hawkins Founder and CEO Digital Chocolate
Nasser Iravani Director, Forum Nokia Americas Nokia
Gordon Kass CTO Weathernews Americas Inc.
Anil Kripalani Senior VP QUALCOMM Incorporated
Swaminathan Krishnan Sr. VP, Global Marketing and Business Development Tata Infotech Limited
Ross Levinsohn SVP/GM FOXSports Interactive Media
Ivan Lopez Director of Licencing Sony Pictures
Ben Quinones Partner Pillsbury Winthrop LLP
Paul Schaut CEO Tira Wireless
Anthony Stonefield VP & Chief Strategy Officer InfoSpace Mobile