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Theme: Wireless Convergence

Wednesday, October 29, 2003

Focus: WLAN
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Opening Speech: Rajit Gadh, Director, WINMEC
Address by Professor Vijay Dhir, Dean, Henry Samueli School of Engineering and Applied Science, UCLA
Keynote:  John Miner, President, Intel Capital, Intel Corporation
'Wireless Internet for Mobile Enterprise Consortium'
Keynote:  Fred Kitson, Director of Mobile & Media Systems Lab, HP
'Mobile Services: .It? all about you! '
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Wi-Fi based Enterprise, Community and Public Networks
Wi-Fi based broadband Internet access has generated a lot of interest in sharing this infrastructure to establish community and public networks. Issues such as policy, security, billing, capacity, etc. will be debated.
Chair: Jordan Cohen, Chief Technology Officer, Voice Signal Technologies
Innovation in Wi-Fi : Products, Applications and Services
To overcome the price pressures in Wi-Fi products, next generation of advances will be based on innovations in marketing and products. These innovations may arise from industry verticals such as medical, enterprise, CIO's usage of Wi-Fi, etc. This session will present novel innovations on products and services for Wi-Fi that tie into real market needs.
Plenary: Peter Ecclesine, Technology Analyst, Cisco
'Innovation in 802.11 and Spectrum Acquisition'
Plenary: Pravin Bhagwat, CTO, Wibhu Technologies
'Planning, monitoring and securing Wi-Fi' Presentation
Paul Callahan, Co-Founder and Vice President, Propagate Networks, Inc.
'Why we need the Dolby of WiFi' Presentation
Leigh Chinitz, Chief Technical Advisor, Proxim Corporation
'WLAN Developments in Support of Future Products and Services'
Jeffrey Cohen, Partner, Wilkinson Barker Knauer, LLP
'Case Study: Rural Virginia Wireless Broadband Network and Related FCC Regulatory Issues'
Charles Stearns, VP of Operations, Hellosoft
Eric Janszen, CEO, Bluesocket, Inc.
'Enterprise WLANS: Today and Tomorrow' Presentation
Peter Trepp, President & CEO, 5G Wireless Communications, INC.
'5G Wireless Solutions'
Greg Hayes, Director, Mobile Workplace Solutions, Infonet Services Corporation
Feisal Mosleh, VP of Product Management, Vernier Networks
'Security as a Competitive Differentiator'
NSF Sponsored Session on Mobile Field Service Applications
Mobile and Wireless Technologies for Field Service Applications ?LBS, Voice, Telematics, Monitoring
Discuss opportunities to sharpen the competitive edge of mobile field force by facilitating access to enterprise data, information and applications. How does it improve the customer satisfaction; reduce response times; and help close out deals?
Chair: Thomas Mitchell, Senior Consultant, Computer Associates
Hardware - RFID, Semi-conductor chips, smart sensors, sensor mobile network
Techno-business of RFID in Supply Chains, Security, Transportation, Medical Care, Industrial Automation. Sensors and mobile networks. Technology and business issues in the semi-conductor wireless industry.
Chair: Jeffrey Cohen, Partner, Wilkinson Barker Knauer, LLP
Plenary: Rajiv Kumar, CTO, WIDCOMM Inc.
'Bluetooth as the glue for the Mobile Field Force'
Plenary: Ashish Asthana, VP - Product Development and Strategy, Intelleflex Corporation
'Enhanced RPC-compliant RFID tags' Presentation
Timothy Lorello, Senior VP and Chief Marketing Officer, TeleCommunication Systems, Inc.
'Taking Field Applications Public' 
Debasis Bandyopadhyay, Principal Consultant, Tata Consultancy Services
Rick Bentley, Founder, Televoke/Telcontar
'The Leader in Powering Location Based Solutions'
B.S. Prabhu, Senior Researcher, Wireless Media Lab, UCLA
Jordan Cohen, Chief Technology Officer, Voice Signal Technologies
'Practical Manipulation of Local Data-- An Update ' Presentation
Jesse Szynal, Regional Account Manager, Texas Instruments RFid Systems
'RFID: Applications and Technology Overview'
Anurag Bist, Manager - Media Processing, intel
'Trends in Mobile Multimedia Applications and Products'
Eddie Shek, Chief Technology Officer, Vizional Technologies, Inc.
Sponsored by Microsoft
Luncheon keynote (12:35-1:05):  Michael Wehrs, Director of Technology & Standards, Microsoft Windows Mobile Division
Is the next Major Frontier of Wireless - Software?
With the price of generic wireless infracture hardware being rapidly commoditized, the next generation of opportunities could very well like in software. But before software on mobile networks is delivered seamlessly to mobile and wireless devices, substantial software infrastructure work on Middleware, Quality of Service, Content based Billing, Mobile Virtual Network Operator, etc. is needed which will be presented and discussed in this session.
Chair: Rajiv Kumar, CTO, WIDCOMM Inc.
Software Radio, MIMO and Smart Antennas, Phased-Array Antenna, Nomadic Access and technologies
Issues concerning increasing the throughput, optimizing the power usage, intelligent use of RF spectrum, 'on-the-fly' reconfiguration, multi-channel interface, etc. of wireless networks. Its significance, performance improvements and effect on the existing techno-biz scenario.
Chair: Babak Daneshrad, Professor, EE, UCLA
Plenary: Ed Altman, Practice Director, Media and Entertainment, Tata Consultancy Services
Plenary: Andre Kruetzfeldt, Principal Architect, Sun Microsystems, Inc.
'Reconfiguration of Commercial Wireless Terminals to Support Adaptive Network Technologies'
John Babcock, Partner, Rustic Canyon Group
Babak Daneshrad, Professor, EE, UCLA
'Towards Gbps MIMO Wireless Communications'
Kamal Anand, Vice President, Meru Networks Inc.
'Over-the-Air QoS: Enabling Enterprise-Grade Voice over WLAN' Presentation
Mike Fitz, Professor, EE, UCLA
'What Can We Gain From Real-Time Testbeds?'
Thomas Mitchell, Senior Consultant, Computer Associates
Enrica Filippi, PR, ST Microelectronics
'High Throughput WLAN/WPAN Chipset Trends and Opportunities at ST Microelectronics' Presentation
Amit Seth, Senior Director, Business Development, Visto Corporation
Pieter Van Rooyen, CTO, Zyray Wireless
'Space - the final frontier'
Coffee Break
Wireless Authentication, Management and Security
As enterprises go wireless, how do they keep data and knowledge secure within a campus and across campuses. Does the world need more technologies or does the secret to securing an enterprise lie in integrating what's there and achieve end-to-end security?
Chair: Rick Bentley, Founder, Televoke/Telcontar
Hotspot, Roaming, Billing and Revenue Models
Customer acquisition and retention, attempt to provide global seamless connectivity, issues of service from telecom carriers and service from hotspot providers. Current business scenarios and future potential, issues of service partnerships, handoff, convergence, pricing, billing models, integrated billing for voice and data over WWAN and Wi-Fi networks.
Chair: Ken Rutkowski, President, KenRadio Broadcasting
Plenary: Dean Knuth, National Account Manager, Northrop Grumman IT
'Secure Wireless LAN Solutions'
Plenary: V. Sridhar, Asst. VP, Satyam Computer Services
'WLAN- Technical and Business Challenges' Presentation
Songwu Lu, Assistant Professor, CS, UCLA
John Marston, VP of Business Development, Toshiba
'Pay or Free?'
Randy Dence, VP of Product Management & Marketing, Interlink Networks
'WLAN Security in SOHO networks' Presentation
Jeff Lawrence, President & CEO, Clivia Systems
Rohit Khetrapal, President, Perfigo Inc
'Exploring Wireless (In)Security '
Tim Allwine, Director, Product Management and Develop, VeriSign Inc.
'Seamless ?Yet Secure - Hotspot Roaming' Presentation
Anuj Puri, Research Scientist, ABP and UC Berkeley
'Tools for Design, Management and Optimization of Wireless LANs'
Peter Claassen, Vice President of Business Development, Nomadix
'Hotspot, Roaming, Billing and Revenue Models' Presentation
Gilbert Goodwill, Member of Technical Staff, Wind River Systems
'802.1X in Wireless LAN Authentication'
Hans-Arne L'orange, CEO, Birdstep Technology
'Mobilizing your VPN with Mobile IP' Presentation
Venture Capital Discussion Panel - 1
WLAN - Investments - Over one billion dollars has been invested in WLAN startups. The chip sector and the infrastructure has been over-funded according to some pundits. Where is the next opportunity in WLAN? The next generation of possible opportunities being discussed include industry vertical specific technologies, enterprise solutions, consumer entertainment markets, software, WISP, billing, roaming, etc. The panel will present their viewpoint on where WLAN investments are going.
Sponsored By Manatt, Phelps & Phillips, LLP
Moderator: David Young, Co-Chair, Venture Capital and Technology Group, Manatt, Phelps & Phillips, LLP
Ranjeet Alexis, Director, Intel Capital
Jon Funk, Managing Director, Allegis Capital
Jeff Anderson, Managing Director, Mellon Ventures
Brian Garrett, Partner, Palomar Ventures
David Britts, Partner, ComVentures
Allen Pu, , Mellon Ventures
Cocktail & Networking
Keynote:  Asad Madni, President and COO, BEI Technologies, INC.
'"Full Circle Commercialization of a Dual-Use Micromachined Quartz Rate Sensor Technology"' Presentation
Keynote:  Bradford Kane, Deputy Secretary for Information Technology, CA Business, Transportation, and Housing Agency
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Thursday, October 30, 2003

Focus: WWAN
Registration / Check-in begins
Keynote:  Jeff Ross, Director of Marketing, QUALCOMM Incorporated
'The Growth of CDMA'
Presentation:  Rajit Gadh, Director - WINMEC; Professor, UCLA
'Wireless Internet Research at UCLA WINMEC'
Coffee Break
Exhibits Open,
Engineering Students/Faculty Demonstrations and Posters Open
Session A Session B
Media, Entertainment and Gaming - 1
How to deal with content aggregation, copyright issues, device diversity, quality of service, innovation, service agreements, standards, delivery models and many more?
Chair: Benjamin Quinones, Partner, Pillsbury Winthrop LLP
Wireless Enterprise Applications - Challenges and Opportunities
Challenges and opportunities for enterprises in adopting applications such as messaging, data collection, infotainment, marketing, advertising, syndication services, etc., to allow access and provide communication, commerce and information when and how they want it.
Chair: Fritz Jordan, Industry Analyst, MobileTrax, LLC
Plenary: Lucy Hood, Senior VP, Content & Marketing, News Corp.
'Wireless Entertainment'
Plenary: Gaurav Kuchhal, Group Product Manager, Oracle
'Universal Access for Highest Business Impact'
Justin Yaros, CIO, Sony Pictures Entertainment
Rajeev Chand, Senior Equity Research Analyst, Rutberg & Company, LLC
Ken Willner, VP - Advertising and Media, AT&T Wireless
Tom Huseby, Managing Partner, SeaPoint Ventures
'Wireless Enterprise Applications - Challenges and Opportunities' Presentation
Alex Kelly, VP New Media, Fox Filmed Entertainment
Dale Smith, Vice Consul, ICT Sector Advisor, British Consulate General, San Francisco
'Mobile Enterprise Economics, Ecosystems and End-User Experiences'
Arturo Pizano, Head, Multimedia & Video Technology, Siemens
Ram Balani, CEO/Founder, VenueMaitre'D, Inc.
'"Next Generation Services at Public Wifi Hotspots"' Presentation
  Eric Lofdahl, Director, Product Development, Wireless Services Corp.
'Launching Successful Wireless Messaging Applications - Barriers and Opportunities' Presentation
  Bob Foster, Professor, UCLA - Anderson Business School
Media, Entertainment and Gaming - 2 - Technology and Business
Technologies are advancing at a pace faster than often the entertainment and media companies know how to absorb them. The result is entrepreneurs can adopt the technologies faster than the companies themselves sometimes resulting in services that undermine the content owners or distributors. To counter this, the media/entertainment industry needs to be ahead of the technology curve pro-actively looking into technologies such as DRM, security, Bluetooch, Wi-Fi, content management/distribution/control, content conversion, etc. The panel will discuss these technology issues and how they tie into business in the mobile and wireless context.
Chair: Gunjan Bagla, Director of business development, Dynamic Logic
Carrier ViewPoint - Successful Data Services, Business Models and Revenue Generators
Issues of spectrum allocations, investments, ROI, customer churn, enhancing user satisfaction, operation, embracing new technology, competition from Wi-Fi and other networks will be discussed.
Chair: Ray Gilbert, Director-CIO-IT Enterprise Collaboration, Lucent Technologies
Plenary: Arunas Slekys, VP - Corporate Marketing, Hughes Network Systems
'Multi-Casting/ Multi-Streaming Opportunities: The Case for Satellite Broadband' Presentation
Asha Vellaikal, Staff Architect, France Telecom R&D
Ross Levinsohn, SVP/GM, FOXSports Interactive Media
Mort Cohen, Chief Technical Advisor, Kalydus Asset Advisors
'Succeeding at mobile data: smaller may be better' Presentation
Rio Caraeff, VP - Wireless Services, Sony Pictures Digital Entertainment
Viroopax Mirji, Senior Manager & Director, BearingPoint
'Mediation - A Carrier? Roadmap to Success'
Lixia Zhang, Professor, CS, UCLA
Ky-Ming Jen, CTO, XandMail
'Generating incomes with messaging applications' Presentation
Bryan Biniak, Executive Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Moviso
'Developing Products for Tomorrow's Market While Building A Business Today.'
Bill DeKay, CEO, Telespree
'The Impact of Self-Service on the Wireless Industry '
Successes, Best Practices, Emerging Business Models and Future Scenarios in Wireless
Examine critical failures and successes of Wireless Projects, recommend new ways to use mobile technologies for business improvement, help on turning theory into practice with new business models.
Chair: Gerry Purdy, Principal Analyst , MobileTrax LLC / Venture Consultant, Diamondhead Ventures
WINMEC CIO Forum on Wireless Technology in Enterprise
Issues related to wireless use in enterprises - Benefits, Adoption, Security, Budget, Training, etc., currently being discussed in the CIO? office of any given forward looking enterprise.
Chair: Ann Mangal, Associate Research Director, UCLA-CMIE Anderson
Plenary: Gianmarco Giorda, Marketing Manager, Invest in Turin and Piedmont
'Northwest Italy: opportunities for High Tech investments' Presentation
Plenary: Ray Gilbert, Director-CIO-IT Enterprise Collaboration, Lucent Technologies
Edoardo Calia, Research Labs Manager, ISMB (Istituto Superiore Mario Boella)
Ashwin Rangan, Sr. VP and CIO BPR & IT, Conexant System
'Wireless in our Corporate Domain'
Scott Spreen, VP, Business Development and Product Planning, NEC America, Inc.
John Horwath, CIO, Hot Topic, Inc
'Voice Over IP - Real Success story' 
Doug Neal, Research Fellow, Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC)
'Getting Value From Mobile Technologies' Presentation
Jim Davis, Associate Vice Chancellor - I.T., UCLA
'One Gigabit or Bust - A Broadband Vision for California's Future Wireless, Space, Behavior and Policy'
Barry Miller, Partner, Wilkinson Barker Knauer, LLP
'Intellectual property and privacy issues that have created notable problems for wireless ventures' Presentation
Scott Painter, Chairman, Build-To-Order Incorporated
Jack Torobin, CEO, COMsciences, Inc.
'Importance of Branding For Future Wireless Technology' Presentation
Bradford Kane, Deputy Secretary for Information Technology, CA Business, Transportation, and Housing Agency
Coffee Break
What's Driving Global Carriers -- Revenue and Pricing models, ARPU's Data, Revenue Models and More
Pricing models for new services introduced by global carriers can often be based on local infrastructure, trends, social behavior, etc., pervasive in a particular market. What works in Asia may be different from Europe. Whereas Wi-Fi may become the infrastructure of choice in a densely populated area, WWAN networks such as 2.5G and 3G may dictate economical advantages in other areas. Global views on revenue/pricing will be discussed.
Chair: Terence J. Clark, Partner, Squire, Sanders & Dempsey, L.L.P.
Emerging Technologies : Chip Sets, Networks (wCDMA, CDMA2000, 3G, 4G, UWB, 802.11, Ad-Hoc, Satellite), Devices, and Platforms
Technology issues in design, architecture, fab, chipsets, MCM ?802.11b/g, 802.11a/g, 802.11/b/g/a, 802.11/GPRS or CDMA, technology issues in chip-sets for real-world enterprise and consumer devices. Researchers will present new cutting edge technologies and where and when will they have an impact in consumer and/or enterprise space.
Chair: Arturo Pizano, Head, Multimedia & Video Technology, Siemens
Plenary: Alexander Ramia, AGM, Panasonic Technologies
Plenary: Mario Gerla, Professor, CS, UCLA
'Path bandwidth estimation in mobile wireless networks'
Sanjai Kohli, GM Wireless, Insilica Inc
Izhak Rubin, Professor, EE, UCLA
'UAV aided multi tier mobile backbone wireless networks'
Fritz Jordan, Industry Analyst, MobileTrax, LLC
Ronny Haraldsvik, Sr. Director of Marketing Strategy, Flarion Technologies
'Enterprise-class Mobile WAN' Presentation
Dev Kambhampati, Research Development Officer, UC Discovery Grant
Phil Bolt, President and CEO, Orthogon Systems
'Taking 5.8GHz Further' Presentation
Minard Hamilton, SVP, Sales and Brand Partnerships, Jamdat Mobile
Andrew Singer, CEO, Rapport Incorporated
Valeriy Nenov, Professor, Division of Neurosurgery, UCLA
James Kamke, CEO, Ashvattha Semiconductor
Address by Emily Loughran, Director of Licensing, Office of Intellectual Property Administration, UCLA
Venture Capital Discussion Panel - 2
WWAN - Upcoming opportunities. Wireless wide area network investment opportunities had slowed down for a while, but now, new opportunities are emerging from technologies, standards and applications. 3G seems to be making a comeback. In the US, applications such as MMS are catching on. Enterprises are starting to use WWANs to mobile their work-forces. High-speed WWAN data networks are being deployed in places like San Diego and Washington D.C. Technologies such as WiMax are emerging from labs to with the potential to offer high-speed last time WWAN connectivity. The panel will discuss the new arena of WWAN investments and why this is very exciting right now
Moderator: Hillel Cohn, Partner, Squire, Sanders & Dempsey
Prashant Kantak, Senior Director - Business Development, QUALCOMM Ventures
Louis Rajczi, Investment partner, Siemens Venture Capital
Gerry Purdy, Principal Analyst , MobileTrax LLC / Venture Consultant, Diamondhead Ventures
Bahram Nour-Omid, Senior Principal, Shelter Capital Partners
Sujit Banerjee, Principal, Nokia Venture Partners
John Morris, Managing Director, GKM Ventures

 Conference Ends

Program Subject to Change