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Monday, May 19, 2003

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Address by Professor Vijay Dhir, Dean, Henry Samueli School of Engineering and Applied Science, UCLA
Opening Speech: Rajit Gadh, Director, WINMEC
Keynote: Ron Smith, Senior VP & GM, Intel WCCG
'Wireless Information Technology: Convergence Reloaded'
Keynote: Anil Kripalani, Senior VP - Global Technology Marketing, Qualcomm
'Delivering on the Promise of Wireless - How are we doing?'
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Exhibits Open,
Engineering Students & Faculty Exhibits Open
Session A Session B
Mobile Services / Mobile Commerce

What are the popular mobile services. Pricing models for mcommerce services. Revenue sharing in the complex mcommerce and mservice food chain. Micropayments.
Wi-Fi based Enterprise, Community and Public Networks

Availability of Wi-Fi based broadband Internet access almost everywhere has generated a lot of interest in sharing this infrastructure to establish community and public networks. Issues such as policy, security, billing, capacity, etc. will be debated.

Doug McGowan, Board Member, expHand, Inc.
'"Media Commerce (tm)" - A new web for multimedia and e-commerce'
Arnon Kohavi, Fellow, Reuters Digital Vision Program at Stanford University
'Wireless communications in emerging countries: Design considerations' Presentation
Jeffrey Cohen, Partner, Wilkinson Barker Knauer, LLP
'The FCC's Regulations and Spectrum Policies: Impact on Wireless Internet Devices and Services'
Samir Palnitkar, VP Business Development, Wibhu Technologies
'Planning, Monitoring and Management of 802.11 Networks'
Matt O'Malley, CEO & Founder, TelAbout, Inc
'TelAbout - Interactive Retail'
Aditya Jayaraman, Telecommunications Practice, TCS
'Seamless Wireless Interworking - invention the step-mother of necessity?'
John Perkins, Managing Director, BearingPoint
'Barriers for Wireless Content Billing' Presentation
Houman Forood, Product Manager for Personal Connectivity, France Telecom Research and Development
'Wi-Fi Landscape: Reality' Presentation
Bryan Biniak, Executive Vice President, Moviso
Media, Entertainment, & Gaming

What are the challenges and opportunities for entry into the mobile space?

Mod: Rajit Gadh, Director, WINMEC
Wireless in the context of Defense/Security and Aerospace Industry

Wireless Internet applications, issues, trends and adoption in Defense and Aerospace Industry. Mobile internet in the sky. Ad-hoc mobility and sky to ground connectivity. Security in the field.

Mod: Kathy Sohrabi, Sr. Development Engineer, Sensoria Corporation
Lucy Hood, Senior VP, News Corp.
'Wireless Entertainment'
Cyrus Staniec, Director - Technology Resources, Northrop Grumman IT
'Adaptations of WLAN Technology for Secure Military Applications' Presentation
Rio Caraeff, VP - Wireless Services, Sony Pictures Digital Entertainment
William B. Osborne, Director - Engineering, Manufacturing & Network Systems, General Dynamics
'The Promise of Wireless Technology: Does It Provide Real Business Value?' Presentation
Jeff Burke, Visiting Professor, UCLA School of Theater, Film, and Television
'Wireless sensor networks for feature film production'
Tom Altshuler, Executive Director of the Information Sciences Division, Rockwell Scientific Company
Barry Miller, Partner, Wilkinson Barker Knauer, LLP
'Security, Privacy and Intellectual Property. Whose side should you be on?'
Timothy Lorello, SVP/Chief Marketing Officer, TCS
'Wireless in Defense: Fast, Secure, & Ubiquitous'
Mike Yuen, Director of BREWTM Developer Relations, Qualcomm Internet Services
'Show Me the Money! How to Make $1 Million with BREW' Presentation
Luncheon Keynote (12:30 - 1:00): Yogesh Gupta, CTO, Computer Associates
'Managing the World of On-demand Computing'
Luncheon Keynote (1:00 - 1:30): Tony Perkins, Creator and Editor In Chief, AlwaysOn
'Introducing the Always On Generation'
Field Service Applications,
RFID, LBS, Monitoring, Telematics and VoIP

Are vertical applications such as goods tracking, maintenance of products in the field - the killer apps of wireless?
Mod: Sumit Deshpande, Technology Strategist, Computer Associates
Wireless Enterprise Applications - Challenges & Opportunities
Challenges and opportunities for enterprises in adopting applications such as messaging, data collection, infotainment, marketing, advertising, syndication services, etc., to allow access and provide communication, commerce and information when and how they want it.
Matthew Shoemake, Director of Advanced Technology, Texas Instruments
Satish Ramachandran, CEO & Chairman, Mirapoint
'Infrastructure Challenges of Wireless Messaging' Presentation
Klaus Schaaf, Research Director, Volkswagen Electronics Research Laboratory
Jeff Popoff, VP Wireless Appl. Infrastructure, Redknee Inc.
Rick Bentley, Senior VP of Business Development, Telcontar
'Leading the Telematic Aftermarket Space' Presentation
Eli Rosner, CTO, Autodesk Location Services, Inc
'Wireless Location Services in the Corporate Enterprise'
Doug Glen, Chief Operating Officer, WebLink Wireless
'Telemetry and Narrowband Technology - An Efficient Use of the Network.'
Susan Kuchinskas, Journalist and co-author, "Going Mobile: Building the Real-Time Enterprise with Mobile Applications that Work"
'Communicative Machines: Business Intelligence from Dumb Systems'
Miten Mehta, SVP, JPMobile
Prakash Iyer, CTO, Everypath
'Mobile Task Automatic' Presentation
Christopher Guardado, CEO and Principal, MoriahCom
'Mobile Field Applications 102'
Kanwar Chadha, Founder, SiRF Technology, Inc.
'Integrating Location Technology to Optimize Supply Chain and Asset Management for Enterprises'
Coffee Break
Successes, Best Practices, Emerging Business Models and Future Scenarios

Examine critical points of both failure and success, recommend new ways to use mobile technologies for business improvement, help on turning theory into practice with new business models.
Mod: Kevin Debre, Partner, Greenberg Glusker
Advanced Technologies

Software and hardware middleware solutions for combining mobility with security, SIP and authentication

Mod: Peter Hazlehurst, Director - Product Development and Support, Nokia Internet Communications
Jeffrey Siegel, VP - Enterprise, Symbian
'The mobile world is most compelling when connected - Smartphones are enabling solutions that deliver time-based transformation to the enterprise' Presentation
Jeff Lawrence, President & CEO, Clivia Systems
'The Digital Phase Change'
Jim Takach, Director, PRTM
'Next Generation Wireless Applications: Uncovering the Drivers Behind Development, Deployment, and Usage'
Songwu Lu, Professor, UCLA
Shrirang Bapat, Practice Head, TCS
'Deliver the Wireless Promise : Connect on Demand Wireless Applications'
Babak Daneshrad, Professor, UCLA
'MIMO, The Second Wireless Revolution'
Yoram Solomon, Director, Texas Instruments
'Multi-mode Wi-Fi/Cellular Handsets in an Enterprise Environment'
Tulin Mangir, President & Principal Consultant, TMAssociates
'Sessions Continuity and Security for Mobile Wireless with Fast Handover'
Sumit Deshpande, Technology Strategist, Computer Associates
'Key Factors to Enterprise-Wide Wireless Success'
Sujit Dey, Professor - Electrical and Computer Eng, UCSD
'Adaptive Applications, Protocols, and Architectures: Technologies to Enable Cost-Effective Wireless Data Communication'
Terry Clark, Partner, Squire, Sanders & Dempsey L.L.P.
'Legal Challenges to and Resources for Emerging Business Success'
Izhak Rubin, Professor, UCLA
'Mobile Backbone Networking and Power Controlled MAC Algorithms for Autonomous Intelligent Wireless Networks.'
Venture Capital Panel Discussion
'Investing in Wi-Fi versus 3G'
Moderator: Victor Sim, Of Counsel, SSD
Bob Foster, Professor, UCLA Anderson School of Management
Jon Funk, Managing Director, Allegis Capital
Ted Alexander, Founding Partner, Mission Ventures
Anne Myong, Ventures Investment Manager, Wireless, Agilent Ventures
Jeff Anderson, Mellon Ventures
Greg Martin, Redpoint Ventures
Jonah Schnel, Managing Partner, ITU Ventures
Cocktails & Networking - Sponsored by HP
Keynote: Adam Gould, CTO - CDMA, Nokia Mobile Phones
'Key enablers of next generation functionality'
Keynote: Jim Black, VP - Strategic Architecture, Hewlett Packard
'HP's Mobility Direction - From Strategy to Business Solutions'
Keynote: Rafiul Ahad, VP - Mobile Products & Services, Oracle
Tuesday May 20, 2003
Registration/Check-in Begins
Opening Speech: Rajit Gadh, Director, WINMEC
Keynote: Mark Henderson, President & CEO, Ericsson - Canada
Exhibits Open,
Engineering Students & Faculty Exhibits Open
Session A Session B
Wireless Network Technology and Infrastructure - WAN, WLAN, PAN, etc.

The proliferation of Wireless LANs and their technological and business challenges such as handover, mobility and security.
Mod: Anuj Puri, Researcher - EECS, UC Berkeley
Enterprise and Wireless security

As enterprises go wireless, how do they keep data and knowledge secure within a campus and across campuses. Does the world need more technologies or does the secret to securing an enterprise lie in integrating what's there and achieve end-to-end security?

Inderpal Mumick, CEO & Chairman, Kirusa Inc.
Neil Mulholland, CEO, Prairie iNet
Cyrus Staniec, Director - Technology Resources, Northrop Grumman IT
Tim Allwine, Director - PM & Development, Verisign Telecom Services
'Taking the Heat out of Hotspot Roaming Seamless, yet Secure, Hotspot Roaming' Presentation
Jeff Hayes, CISSP - Director Security and Technology Partner Programs, Alcatel
'Secure Deployment of WLANs' Presentation
Anuj Puri, Researcher - EECS, UC Berkeley
'Tools for Design and Management of Wireless LANs'
Randy Dence, VP of Product Management, Interlink Networks
'Layering Wireless Network Security in Enterprise Environments'
Steve Goldberg, CEO, ARCwave
'Broadband Wireless Access: How to Pick the Winners and Losers'
Dwayne Mann, Chief Technology Officer, Credant Technologies
'Managing Security Policies in the Unconnected, Untethered World of Wireless Mobile Devices'
Dharma Agrawal, Professor, University of Cincinnati
'Space Division Multiplexing in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks using Smart Antennas: A Protocol' Presentation
Peter Behrens, VP of Engineering, Roving Planet
'802.1x Security enhancement in WLANs'
Gregory Hill, Product Marketing Manager, Ethertronics
Coffee Break
Networks, Platforms, Frameworks, & Devices

Issues involved in creating Web content for wireless clients - device diversity, multi-modal interfaces, alternate versions; or wireless-enabling existing sites
CIOs' Viewpoint on Wireless Technology in Enterprise

Issues related to wireless use in enterprises - Benefits, Adoption, Security, Budget, Training, etc. through the eyes of a CIO
Peter Hazlehurst, Director - Product Development and Support, Nokia Internet Communications
'Mobility for Everyone: Maximizing the value of the Wireless Enterprise' Presentation
Vaho Rebassoo, CTO - Computing & Networking Operations, Boeing
'Wireless Deployment Directions'
Inderpal Mumick, CEO & Chairman, Kirusa Inc.
'Early Experiences with Multimodal Implementations'
Ray Gilbert, Director - Customer Relations, Corporate CIO-CTO, Lucent Technologies
'Mobile High Speed Data Services - Exploring Business Impacts'
S.R. Venkatramanan, Senior Staff Engineer, Sun Microsystems
'Modeling and Performance Tuning of wireless server platforms in Java environment' Presentation
Norbert J. Kubilus CCP, Partner, Tatum Partners
'Integrating Wireless into IT Planning and Operations' Presentation
Anish Srivastava, Director Product Development, France Telecom
'Service Delivery Framework for Operators and Enterprises'
Jim Davis, Associate Vice Chancellor - Information Technology, UCLA
'Wireless and UCLA'
Mark Smith, Department Manager, HP
'Websign: Virtual Beacons for e-Services' Presentation
Alex Klyce, Senior Vice President, Sendia Corp
'Making Field Applications Work' Presentation
Kurt Bauer, VP, Nomadix
Mazen Chmaytelli, Director of Product Management, Qualcomm Internet Services
'BREW Overview' Presentation
Luncheon Keynote (1:00 - 1:45): Craig Hayman, VP - Development , IBM
'Pervasive Technology in the On Demand Era' Presentation
Industry Verticals

Deployment of wireless applications, solutions and frameworks, and ROI justification; What are the leading edge enterprise wireless data applications and who are the early adopters?

Emerging Technologies - Ad-hoc, P2P, Sensor networks, Mobility management

Researchers will present new technologies and where and when will they have an impact
George Morgan, Director - Center for Wireless Telecommunications, Virginia Tech
'What are the prospects for broadband wireless after the telecom debacle?'
Plenary: Abel Weinrib, Director - Communications and Networking, Intel
'Intelís Research Direction in Wireless'
DP Venkatesh, Founder & CEO, mPortal
'Levering Wireless in the Enterprise' Presentation
Mahesh Bhave, Vice President, Hughes Network Systems
'WiFi from the sky -- Hughes' "any mile" solution' Presentation
Neil Martin, Professor and Chief, Division of Neurosurgery, Geffen School of Medicine, UCLA
Mani Srivastava, Professor, EE, UCLA
'Embedded Wireless Sensor & Actuator Networks'
Chi-Cheng Chu, Principal Engineer,  
'Opportunities in Media and Entertainment'
Mario Gerla, Professor, CS, UCLA
'Team communications among airborne agents' Presentation
Coffee Break
Address by Andrew Neighbour, Associate Vice Chancellor for Research,
Executive Director of the Office of Research and Intellectual Property Administration, UCLA
Venture Capital Panel Discussion
'Trends in Wireless Investments'
Moderator: J. Gerry Purdy, Partner, Diamondhead Ventures
Ron D. Reich, Director, Intel Capital
John Babcock, Partner, Rustic Canyon Group
Brian Newton, Principal and Chief Financial Officer, GKM Ventures
Bahram Nour-Omid, Partner, Shelter Capital Partners LLC
Venture Capital Panel Discussion
'Wireless in the Enterprise Marketplace - growth opportunities, risks and investment outlook'
Moderator: Taher Khorakiwala, President - President Entrepreneur Association, , Anderson School at UCLA
Rick Smith, General Partner, Palomar Ventures
Rohit K. Shukla, Founder, President & CEO, Larta
Joseph Marks, Managing Member, Smart Technology Ventures III
Conference Ends