The growth of Wireless technology has been exceptional. It has created technical challenges as well as opportunities. The expectations are also unprecedented. The quest for enduring solutions by merging technical research and business applications to provide mobility and access to enterprise data anytime and anywhere has been on an all time high.

For inside knowledge of what is happening in the Wireless sector and to be a step ahead of your competition attend this two-day conference, which features perceptive keynotes, panel discussions with business leaders and venture capitalists, along with plenty of effective networking opportunities.

This second annual Wireless Internet 2002 conference will cover vital topics and technologies essential for the development of business models and platforms in the wireless sector. Join key wireless industry leaders, researchers and executive-level attendees to discuss how innovations in mobile technology will impact enterprises and businesses.

You will have the privilege of listening to over 80 lectures and 11 keynotes by experts in wireless technology from industry, academia and research establishments. The technical program spans most of the key areas from physical layer to network layer to applications. Principal topics would be Broadband Wireless, 3G/4G networks, WiFi and Bluetooth, Voice Integration on Data Networks, Location based Services, Multi-media applications, Telematics, Security, Quality of Service and others.

So join us at the conference for an excellent opportunity to develop essential connections, find resources, and gather intelligence to succeed in this dynamic mobile era.

Advisory Committee

Dr. Mario Gerla - Computer Science, UCLA
Mr. Ken Hausman - Osprey Ventures, L.P.
Dr. Uday Karmarkar - Anderson Business School, UCLA
Dr. Al Osborne - Anderson Business School, UCLA
Mr. Steven R. Watts - Hewlett Packard

Program Committee

Dr. Abeer Alwan -UCLA, USA 
Dr. Rajive Bagrodia - UCLA, USA
Mr. Geoff Baum - Garage Technology Ventures, USA
Dr. Robert Foster - UCLA, USA
Dr. Shuichi Fukuda - Tokyo Met. Inst. of Techn., Japan
Dr. Rajit Gadh - UCLA, USA
Dr. Rajesh Gupta - UC Irvine, USA
Dr. Michitaka Hirose - Univ. of Tokyo, Japan 
Dr. Pavel Ikonomov - UCLA, USA
Dr. William Kaiser - Sensoria, USA
Dr. Arogyaswami Paulraj - Stanford, USA
Dr. Arturo Pizano - Siemens Corporate Research, USA
Dr. B. S. Prabhu - UCLA, USA
Dr. Mani Srivastava - UCLA, USA
Dr. William Weiss - United Technologies, USA 








Henry Samueli
CTO & Founder
Broadcom Corp.

Sam Arditi
VP - Wireless Communications
Intel Corp.

Tony Perkins
Chairman, Co-Founder &
Editor in Chief
Red Herring

Jane McFarlane
Director, Advanced Technology Planning
OnStar (GM)

Bill Davidson
VP - Carrier Relations
Qualcomm Internet Services

Rafiul Ahad
VP - Oracle Mobile

Bill Gurley
General Partner
Benchmark Capital

Dr. Arunas Slekys
VP-Corporate Marketing
Hughes Network Systems

Jean-Marc Frangos
Senior VP
BTexact Technologies

Doug McGowan
General Manager
Service Providers &
Mobile Solutions
Hewlett Packard

Rio Caraeff
VP - Wireless Services
Sony Pictures

Steven Watts
Principal Consultant
Hewlett Packard

Lee Kedrie
Coporate Architect & Evangelist
Hewlett Packard




















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