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Nov 8 Nov 9

Thursday, Nov. 8, 2001

Exhibits Open
Opening Speech
8.00-8.40 Keynote: Dr. Leonard Klienrock, Chairman, Nomadix
'Transparent Ubiquitous Access for the Mobile Internet Subscriber'
8.40-9.20 Keynote: Ashwin Rangan, Sr. VP and CIO, Conexant
'Wireless technologies : 1G, 2G, 2.5G, 3G - What does it all mean?'(presentation)
9.20-10.00 Keynote: Guy Kawasaki, CEO, Garage Technology Ventures
'Then and Now--Changes in the Capital Market for Technology Startups'
10.00-10.15 Coffee Break
10.15-11.30 Enterprise Applications (1)
Deployment of applications and ROI justification
Devp. Platforms, Frameworks & Tools
Technical and business challenges in infrastructure deployment
Plenary: Steve R Watts, Principal Consultant, HP Plenary: Pamela Bofinger, Director, Emerging Technologies, Nokia Mobile Phones
Dr. Valeriy Nenov, Professor, Brain-Modeling Lab, UCLA (presentation) Michael Huestis, CTO & VP Sales, Zeosoft, Inc. (presentation)
Dr. Michael Pazzani, CEO, AdaptiveInfo (presentation) S R Venkatraman, Senior Staff Engineer, Sun Microsystems (presentation)
Michael Robbert, Director - Business Development, Geoworks (presentations) Nick Desai, Chairman & Founder, Zkey, Inc. (presentation)
Jonathan Rudick, VP - Marketing and Sales, Reality Capture Technologies, Inc.
11.30-12.45 mCommerce & mServices
Will customers buy over the wireless Internet
Wireless Network Technology (2G/3G/GPRS)
Technologies that need to advance to next generation services
Chair: Chair: Dr. Mani Srivastava, Professor, UCLA
Plenary: Johan Sallros, VP, Telia International Carrier Inc. (presentation) Plenary: Dr Danni Gladden-Green, Marketing Manager, Wireless Biz Unit, Motorola
Dr. Jian Zhang, Program Manager-Pervasive Computing, CommerceNet Dr. Rajive Bagrodia, Professor, UCLA
Satya Reddy, CEO, Sophica (presentation) Dr. Ikhlaq Sidhu, VP, Cambia Networks
Sanjay Ranka, CTO, Paramark (presentation)
12.45-13.45 Luncheon Keynote: Kent Stevens, Chief Architect, Nortel Networks (presentation)
Coffee Break
Financial transactions and security
How secure are wireless transactions today?
Location services, Telematics and voice portals
Location-based applications with voice interfaces are a consumer app. - will they generate revenue?
Chair: Chair:
Plenary: Salla Vainio, VP, Biz Devp, Sonera SmartTrust U.S., Inc Plenary: Amol Joshi, Founder & VP of Marketing, BeVocal (presentations)
James Cowing, Sr.Director-Professional Services, Certicom Iggy Ioppe, Founder & CEO, WaveMarket, Inc.
Carey Nachenberg, Chief Researcher, Symantec Antivirus Research Center (presentation) Dr. Alex Wang, Director-Automatic Data Collection & Virtual Enterprise Lab, Univ. of Pittsburgh (presentation)
Brian Davis, VP-Marketing, Sensoria (presentation)
Karl Mehta, VP-Access and Distribution, MobileAria, Inc.
Rick Bentley, Founder & Chairman, Televoke (presentation)
Coffee Break
15.45-17.00 Panel Discussion: What is the killer app for wireless?
Moderator: Bob Foster, Anderson Business School-UCLA
Plenary: Ken Hausman, Managing Director, Osprey Ventures
Dr. Eric Ver Ploeg, Partner, Vantage Point Venture Partners
Ravin Agrawal, Partner, EastWest VentureGroup
Dave Scantling, CEO, Uprizer, Inc.
Bart Schachter, Founding General Partner, Blueprint Ventures
David Fogelsong, General Partner, Alcatel Ventures
Cocktails & Networking
18.30-20.30 Dinner Executive Keynotes:
Is wireless the next trillion dollars industry?
Dr. Rajit Gadh, Director, Wireless Media Lab, UCLA
Sam Arditi, VP - Wireless Communications, Intel
'Accelerating the Wireless World'
John Stuatner, VP, Technology & New Markets, Consumer Products, Compaq
Steve Krom, VP - Data and Internet Services, Cingular

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Friday, Nov. 9, 2001

Exhibits Open
8:00-8:10 Opening Speech
8.10-9.00 Keynote: Cameron Schmidt, Exec. Director - Global Business Devp. & CMO, e-GM, GM
'What's next ?'
Making money in wireless
Successful products and their business models
802.11 vs Bluetooth
Who is going to win and why?
Chair:: Chair: Mario Gerla, Professor, UCLA
Plenary: Jeremy Chone, Director - Product Mmgt, Oracle Plenary: Arogyaswami Paulraj, Professor, Stanford
Larry Laurich, President & CEO, IPMobileNet Jeff Gilbert, Manager of Advanced Technology, Atheros Communications (presentation)
Dr. Darius Sankey, Partner, Zone Ventures
Coffee Break
10.30-11.15 Keynote: Bill Day, Chief Wireless Technology Evangelist, SUN Microsystems,
'Wireless Development for Open Networks'
Development Platforms, Frameworks & Tools (2)
New developments in hardware components
Messaging, SMS, EMS, MMS
 Messaging has made money in Asia, Japan and Europe - will this happen in the USA?
Plenary: John Cioffi, Professor, Stanford (presentation) Plenary: Michael Buhrman, SVP, Openwave, Inc.
Tom Allen, SVP & CIO, @Road Inc. Dr. Roland Williams, SVP-Technical Innovations, Zi Corporation (presentation)
Russell Hertzberg, VP - Marketing, Zuma Networks (presentation) Allan Carter, Marketing Director - Mobile Wireless, Captaris
Mohan Trivedi, Professor, UC, San Diego
Sanjay Sinha President & CEO, MobileWebSurf (presentation)
12.30-13.15 Sponsor Luncheon Keynote: Lee Kedrie, Convergence Architect & Corporate Evangelist, HP
'Virtual Culture and Wireless Technology'
13:15-14:00 Keynote: James Balsillie, CEO, Research in Motion
'New Opportunities for Success in Wireless Data' (presentation)
Coffee Break
Multimedia, Video & Entertainment
What are the technical and business challenges in providing Multimedia to consumers?
Enterprise Application (2)
What are the leading edge enterprise wireless data applications?
Chair: Chair: Dr. Greg Pottie, Professor, Electical Engg. Dept., UCLA (presentation)
Plenary: John Villasenor, Professor, UCLA Plenary: Vikram Budhraja, President, Electric Power Group (presentations)
Arturo Pizano, Head-Multimedia & Video Technology, Siemens Corporate Research (presentations) Scott Norder, President, Stellent, Inc.
Antoine Paquin, President & CEO, Bitflash (presentations) Derek Ferguson, Chief Technology Evangelist, ExpandBeyond Corp.
Patrick J. Kearney, Sr. Director, Product Management,PacketVideo Tarique Mustafa, CEO, Network Utilities Inc.
Tony Henning, Senior Analyst, Imaging Infrastructure, FutureImage Inc. (presentation) Douglas Neal, President & CEO, Mobile Automation, Inc. (presentation)
Ismo Mäkelä, VTT - Technical Research Center of Finland Kevin Binnie, Director - Strategic Marketing, Synchropoint (presentations)
16.00-17.15 Panel Discussion: What is being funded in wireless and why?
Moderator: Apurva Chandra, Ishita New Millenium
Plenary: John SanGiovanni, Technical Evangelist, Mobile Computing & Wireless Technologies, Microsoft Research
Deepak Natarajan, Managing Director, Comstellar Ventures
Robert Kibble, Managing Partner, Mission Ventures (presentation)
Ho Nam, General Partner, Altos Ventures
Sangam Pant, Senior Partner, Evercore Ventures
Geoffery C. Bland, Managing Director, E*Capital
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