Mobile Information Technology market is buzzing. Wireless carriers, enterprises, software companies, location/position system providers, device and equipment manufacturers and automotive manufacturers are finding more ways to get information into a mobile device—whether that be related to business/workflow, location-based e-commerce, navigation, traffic, advertising and emergency services. Reasonable estimates put this international market in the billions in just a few years....

Keeping on top of this growing and changing marketplace will be critical to a company's success. WIRELESS INTERNET 2001, will enable mobile information executives to realistically assess how this market is going to come together, address market barriers and see what the competition looks like globally.

Over 80 lectures and 11 keynotes by experts in wireless technology from industry, academia and research establishments have been planned. The principal topics would be Broadband Wireless, Voice Integration on Data Networks, Location based Services, Multi-media applications, Telematics, Security, Quality of Service and others.

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Sunset VIllage, UCLA,
May 6-7, 2002

Sam Arditi, Vice President, Intel, James Balsillie, CEO, Research in Motion, Guy Kawasaki, CEO, Garage Technology Ventures, Steve Krom, Vice President, Cingular, Cameron Schmidt, CMO eGM-General Motors, Johan Sallros, Vice President, Telia Research, Sweden, Ashwin Rangan, CIO, Conexant, and Dr. Leonard Kleinrock founder of Nomadix; considered a father of the Internet will deliver Key speaches. Other speakers are distinguished faculty of prestigious universities like Dr. Cioffi & Dr. Paulraj - Stanford, Dr. Varaiya - Berkeley and others. Panel discussions have been planned with representatives from prominent venture capital firms like Garage Technology Ventures, Comstellar, East West, Osprey Ventures, Zone Ventures, etc., to discuss current developments and future trends in Business Applications, VC Investment and Technology in these new wireless technologies.

Advisory Committee

Dr. Arturo Pizano - Siemens Corporate Research, USA 
Dr. Mario Gerla - Computer Science, UCLA, USA 
Dr. Michitaka Hirose - RCAST, Univ. of Tokyo, Japan 
Dr. Uday Karmarkar - Anderson Business School, UCLA, USA 
Mr. Ken Hausman - Osprey Ventures, L.P., USA 

Program Committee

Dr. Abeer Alwan -USA 
Dr. Rajive Bagrodia -USA 
Dr. Maria Benedetto - Italy 
Dr. Shuichi Fukuda -Japan 
Dr. Rajit Gadh -USA 
Dr. Rajesh Gupta -USA 
Dr. William Weiss -USA 
Dr. Pavel Ikonomov -USA 
Dr. Jay Lee -USA 
Dr. B. S. Prabhu -USA 
Dr. Robert Foster -USA 
Dr. Stefano Soatto -USA 
Dr. Mani Srivastava -USA