Exhibition Information
Standard Exhibition package includes 
  • Table (6 feet) with drape cover
  • Easel for posters / promotional material
  • Company link will be listed on exhibition page of Wireless Internet 2001 workshop web site
Standard Exhibition space (8x8 feet) : $3000

(Note: There are limited number of exhibition spaces available now)

Special Exhibition package includes 

  • Independent booth
  • Table (6 feet) with drape cover 
  • Easel for posters / promotional material 
  • Publish your company on exhibition page of Wireless Internet, Data and Enterprise Applications web site and free link to company web site. 

  • Special Exhibit space cost = Standard Exhibit space cost + Booth Cost
    Please contact organizer in advance. In case that you provide Exhibit Booth, the cost is calculated based on sq. feet, see above Standard Exhibit space